Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strolling Along

Elisabeth is now getting up on all fours and maneuvering to a standing position all on her own now. We have been encouraging her to use the walker for the last couple of days and here she is showing off:

I got this stroller the other day for Jonah so he can push a baby doll around as wildly as he wants instead of his sister's stroller with her in it (paid $1.50 at a consignment sale in case your wondering). Well, I guess that got old, so he turned into one of his "projects." He loves to collect little objects and bind them together in someway and then fly or in this case stroll it around the house. So here is a picture of him and his creation. Just for fun see how many items you can identify that makeup his creation and post it in the comments. Whoever guesses the most items will win a prize. (Not sure what it will be yet; just came up with this idea.) All comments received before the end of the month count. As Jonah is fond of saying, "Come on; it'll be fun."


Gina said...

Cute idea! I see a: jump rope, plastic purple gun, chain link toys, child-proof cabinet lock, dog leash, and I can't tell what the rest of it is.

ladyjackalope said...

Sorry Shanna, Guess List on Jonah's Gadget Mobile Stroller was so long I sent it by e-mail.Looking forward to finding out all the different things Jonah put on stroller.Such a cute picture of him,first thing I was looking at this morning and George ask who is that little boy,he did not think it looked like Jonah,take care,love to all,Grandma ~~ Great~ Grandma

Samantha said...

I see about 11 items depending on if you are counting the rings separately. Looks like there's a horn of sorts in there too, in addition to the things Gina and Tyson mentioned.

Wow! I wonder if this project bears any resemblance to his Dad's Java at work! Does he or does he not document? That is the question!!

Love y'all and miss you!


Shanna said...

Posted for ladyjackalope

O.K. Here we go with what things look like to me and not being around to see any new gadgets for little ones and toddler or even some new parent gadgets, Long black strap looks like dog leash,purple/orange "ray" gun, red,yellow and blue bangle bracelet looking must be teething rings,yellow funnel on floor and floor,black and white with green handles must be exercise band.light blue square with white band running through is mystery thing for me,near yellow funnel looks like pink,white and blue beads or short small braided like material,not sure about green plastic that looks like white bead/rope is coming through or maybe not,another mystery thing,red thing near that looks like a child's basketball hoop. Well guess next month we all will know whats what,yes! take care, love to all, Grandma P.S Tell Jonah I love his "Gadget Mobile Stroller"