Tuesday, August 18, 2009

11th Anniversary

Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary. My mom's 1st cousin Patty (I think that makes her my second cousin once removed?) and her husband Tim live nearby and graciously agreed to watch the kids for us Friday evening so we could go out. We went to dinner and to a play at the Raleigh Little Theatre. We thoroughly enjoyed "Lost in Yonkers" - a dramatic, comedy set in 1942 Yonkers, NY about a dysfunctional family whose matriarch is a german immigrant who shut herself off emotionally from her children when they were young. It had a couple of intense moments but had lots of comic relief to soften the intensity. I highly recommend it. It makes me want to go to more theatrical performances. The number of times I have been to the theater could easily be counted on one hand - you would think I didn't enjoy it; I guess movie going is just easier somehow and slightly cheeper.
When we arrived home, the house was quiet and the kids were a sleep - it was nearly 11 pm. Patty and Tim related how Tim and Jonah played hide and seek, but Jonah didn't get the concept of keeping his eyes closed for 10 seconds. When he finally did, Tim hid behind the chair in the corner of the room. When Jonah was about to find him (with Patty's help) Tim jumped out and scared Elisabeth to tears. She is pretty sensitive that way though. I guess Jonah went to bed pretty easily, but Elisabeth gave a fuss on the first attempt but went down easily on attempt 2. I have to say this was one of my more relaxed evenings away from the kids. Elisabeth being older and less reliant on mom certainly helps.
The next morning Jonah comes running out of his room asking, "Where's Patty and Tim?" After saying this he looks over at the big chair in the corner as if he's half suspecting Tim to jump out from his hiding place. Thanks to Patty and Tim for watching the kiddos and to Gina for watching them earlier in the day so mom could get some pre-event pampering. Thank God for good friends and family!

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