Monday, August 03, 2009

Defining an Adventure

We just returned from vacation yesterday evening. One morning while away, I took the kids on a walk around our campground. As we set off and got further from our campsite, Jonah asked, "Where are we going mommy?" I told him that we were going on an adventure. "Oh, okay," was his response. Too keep him engaged, I rather absentmindedly asked him if he knew what an adventure was and he said, "no." And then I began to define what I thought an adventure was which made me have to think about it more deeply than I originally intended. I told him, "An adventure is when you go some place new and don't really know what is on the road ahead." I would add that any adventure has a mix of excitement, fun and challenges to overcome. Adventure gives us depth of character and hope for tomorrow. There are many adventures in life and life in itself is an adventure. Some seek out adventure, other's run from it, or like me desire adventure but with certain caveats. Over the next few days I hope to share from our most recent adventure that involved taking two small children on a week long trip in an RV (yet another Adventure in Motherhood.) Now if I can just find the time to get the pictures downloaded in the midst of all this laundry and unpacking. (smile)

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