Friday, August 10, 2012

2nd Look Boutique Consignment Sale

This annual consignment sale is going on through tomorrow in Apex. If you miss it this week, they have another scheduled in a few weeks at their Durham location.

I had an opportunity to drop in yesterday afternoon when they opened. I try not to take the kids with me to these sales, but that was not the case yesterday. It worked out though. Of course, Jonah wanted to know if he could get something. I told him he could spend his allowance money if he wanted. Immediately he spots this gigantic pirate boat. He gave me these sad, puppy dog eyes. But I stuck to my guns and said, "I'll see how much it is, but I'm sure it's more than $5." When I checked the tag, guess what?  It said $5. I couldn't say no at that point. I did get him to promise to get rid of something(s) else to make room for it. When we got it home, we found it was missing some of the detail accessories, but it had two figures and two cannons and has buttons with all kinds of sound effects. Considering how much these (Black Pearl Ultimate Playsets by Zizzle) go for new and complete, I think Jonah made a good buy even though it's incomplete.

Elisabeth got a couple of things too, including a Fancy Nancy puzzle and this cute Sweet Potatoes outfit with poodles on it. I just found it online priced at over $50 - crazy!  I paid $3. She simply had to wear it today, though I would have liked her to wait for a bit cooler weather.

Consignment sales Rock! Check out the 2nd Look Boutique website for details.

Other consignment sales going on this weekend:


Unknown said...

hey shanna,

cool pirate ship! you might be able to contact the manufacture to get replacement parts for a low price. just a thought


Shanna said...

I actually found someone on Ebay parting out their's but at $8.95 a piece, I'm not sure I would feel like it was a good buy. I think I'll take Jonah to the craft store and get some dowels or something and try to make some rigging. We'll see. He's playing with it as is so that's good. I'm sure he'll let you play with it when you come over - LOL!