Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Heart Indiana

Saturday night, we camped at Summit Lake State Park not too far north of Interstate 70. The campsites were big and grassy with water and electric hookups. The water hookups were spread out funny so we had to park the rig in just the right spot for the water hose to reach the spigot on one side and the electric cable to reach the outlet on the otherside. It worked out fine thankfully.

We decided to hangout there the next day and recuperate a bit before driving another day. It turned out to be a really nice area. Kelly started off his day by biking 22 miles partially on the nearby Cardinal Greenway. It was very flat here and he really enjoyed his ride. (This place made us think of our friends Merl and Amy - they would love this area.) Meanwhile, the kids and I went to the playground and hiked around in the park.

After lunch, we went to the Wilber Wright Birthplace and Museum. When we left we passed these guys on the road:
We then drove about 45 minutes to the town of Anderson and visited Mounds State Park. We wanted to take a look at the Indian mounds, several earthworks created by Adena-Hopewell people. The largest of these is called "Great Mound" and dates back to 160 BC.
Great Mound at Mounds State Park
Also on the grounds is a historic residence undergoing renovation.

Other pictures taken at Mound State Park:

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