Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dive-In Theatre with Diver Ed: An Educational Blast!

On a recent stay in Bar Harbor, Maine, we took a Saturday cruise with Diver Ed and experienced his kid-friendly, hands-on Dive-In Theatre. Diver Ed has definitely found his calling in life. He had kids and adults laughing and learning together. He and his wife Captain Evil have lots of exciting stories to tell as well as educational information on the sea life on the floor of Frenchman's Bay. 

The life jacket demonstration is more entertaining than usual because of the two Newfoundland dogs.

Lifejacket presentation
Diver Ed describes all the gear he uses while diving and makes a comedic show of getting into the dry suit.
Getting into his dry suit
He includes the kids as much as possible in every aspect of this experience from dropping the anchor to pushing him into the water.
Ed in the water with video camera and microphone
The fun doesn't stop once he's in the water. Via a very large TV, passengers can see what Ed sees. The interaction between Ed and Mini-Ed as well as Captain Evil is consistently entertaining. And seeing the animals in their natural environments below the water's surface is something one doesn't get to experience at the local touch take exhibits.
MiniEd getting attacked by a Lobster 

The Lobster attacking Big Ed.
Diver Ed brings up some animals from his dive and once again makes a comedic farce out of getting out of his bulky gear. "Pull my finger, Jonah." This kind of slap stick humor is Jonah's favorite.
Jonah pulling Diver Ed's finger
He then begins educating his captive audience on the facts about the species he has brought to the surface.  And, of course, everything he picks up he kisses on the mouth (or the butt as in the case of the sea cucumber). Note the looks on the girls faces as he pretends to put a spiny sea urchin in his mouth.
Sea urchins anyone?
Diver Ed talking about the sea cucumber
Everyone then gets to come up and see and touch the animals up close: lobsters, sea stars, rock crabs, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and more.
Checking out the sea animals - Jonah's not sure he want his hands wet ;-) 
Elisabeth holding a hermit crab
Dad getting in on the action
Like I said, this isn't just for kids! The kids will no doubt enjoy it, so will mom and dad. This cruise is worth every cent. If you're trying decide which excursion to take in Bar Harbor, this one should be near the top.
Meet Diver Ed!
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