Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, I took Jonah to his first Easter Egg Hunt today. It almost didn't happen. I went to the first hunt this morning at 10:00 and Bond Park was crazy - people everywhere and no parking. By the time I found a place to park and made it to the 4 and under field, we had missed the egg hunt. We hung around for a while and played at the playground. By that time many people had left and we could drive out of the park without much of a fuss. After doing some errands, I decided to be tenacious and went back to the park for the afternoon egg hunt. (I'm not sure you can technically call it a hunt as the eggs and candy were just strewn about the outfield of a baseball diamond.) We were there about 10 minutes before the hunt began and it was difficult to hold Jonah back behind the boundary until it was time. He kept saying "ball" and wanting to go pick up the eggs. Once the whistle sounded we managed to get a few eggs and candy nearby. I was content to just let Jonah pick them up off the ground himself and put them in the basket - it's funny how that good old American "everyman for himself" shows up even at an easter egg hunt. Needless to say, the ground was wiped clean in about a minute and a half. Which was unfortunate only because Jonah was just getting warmed up in figuring out that you were to put the things in the basket. Nevertheless, he was content with his 3 or 4 eggs - in fact I think he would have been fine with one. He just liked shaking it and hearing it rattle - they were all plastic eggs with candy inside. Anyway, we came, we saw, we conquered - sort of. Not sure I'll be doing that again - with the mass public that is. Maybe we'll get a chance to do it again on Sunday, with friends who can enjoy watching with me as Jonah performs the simple act of picking up things and putting them in a basket. :) Click photos link to see more pictures from the day.

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