Friday, March 28, 2008

Toddler Talk

This morning Jonah learned a new word. Actually I have heard him say it maybe once or twice before but today he was very consistent with it. Here you go:

Other new words this week are "munny" for bunny and "mill" for milk, as well as "biper" for diaper.


Gmapapaw said...

We need to practice Pappaw and Grammie.

Gmapapaw said...

Pappaw and Mama Lewis watched too.

Mama says he will be at least six foot tall.

Pappaw say he sure has grown.

Kelly Davis said...

More words in the last few days:

He said a perfect 'apple'. I think he might be a born mac user :)

Last night he was saying bye to some guests and they said Toodaloo (sp?) and afterwards he kept repeating it back. It was really cute!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!