Monday, March 17, 2008

Word Discovery

Jonah has recently developed a new interest in books. I brought home some new ones for him from the consignment sale last week and some even have little folding tabs. In the past, he would have been more interested in tearing off the little tabs and just turning pages. But lately, I have noticed him really studying the pictures on the books.

 It probably has something to do with his recent language development. He has really started to get that everything has a word that describes it. Now besides "daddy," "doggy," "ball," and "mommy". He says or tries to say flower "wower", cat "dat", car "dar", sticker "dider", fish "wish", and so on. He is more likely to repeat something after hearing it once or twice than waiting until he's heard it 20 times. These pictures show him "reading" a book or at least studying it intently and the second shows him looking up in the sky and saying "wane" for plane. He can also say moon.

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