Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ever Expanding Toddler Vocabulary

Today, I went to Target and as we were checking out the cashier gave me a sticker for Jonah. Jonah repeated "dider" for sticker and for the first time ever said thank you. I kind of missed it as I was making sure everything was ringing up accurately. But I heard the cashier say "your welcome" and I asked her did he say "Thank you." And she said that it sounded like it to her. And then later we were home and out in the back yard with the dogs. I was trying to get the dogs to run around a bit and get rid of some of their energy and said "Run, Leto, run." Then Jonah says "runnnn" and starts running. (He loves it when the dogs run around and get all worked up.) Also, this evening, I was talking on the phone to my mom and was trying to get Jonah to say, "Hi, Grammie" and at one point he said "memie." Unfortunately it was too low or mistimed so Grammie didn't get a chance to hear it. Maybe next time Grammie. So I guess we're going to hear new things daily now as he learns new words. How fun!

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