Friday, March 07, 2008

Jonah's First Attempt at the Indoor Slide

Jonah and I went to Chick-fi-la for lunch today. I let him go in the play area after he ate (he ate an entire kids meal by the way). They have a few interactive play things down low that he can play with and he also enjoys watching the other kids climb up into the play apparatus and come out the other side. After a while, he decided to try and join the big kids. The stair steps are large and platform like and spiral around to the top. From there it connects to tunnels and a slide to get down. The stairs up are just the right height to allow him to climb up. I new he was probably to small and would get lost up top somewhere and I'd have to send a child to rescue him, but I decided to let him go for it anyway. I took his shoes off and he climbed up to the top platform where there is wire mesh and he could see out. He was smiling and celebratory once he got up there. Then he changed his mind and decided he didn't really like that after all and started crying out. Other kids were going by and I asked one of them to show him to the slide, but Jonah wouldn't go with him. So I climbed up the platform stairs and rescued him. So we found out the hard way that he's not quite ready for those big play areas at restaurants.

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Gmapapaw said...

I had a friends whose daughter had a similar story except when she entered one of the play areas an alarm went off. It seems some of those have overload alarsm. Very embarrassing.