Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

Buzz Lightyear made of LEGO
I started the day off by going down the stairs and out the front door to a great little Farmer's market. Next to the typical fruit and vegetable stands, were stands of baked goods and fresh fish, flowers, wine, children's clothes made from recycled adult clothes, and handmade sock puppets. There was even a band on the corner complete with a giant tuba. It was lovely! I made a purchase and then headed back up stairs to prepare for our family outing into Manhattan.
Central Park
Our first view of Manhattan when we got off the subway and went up the elevator the heart of Times Square. Navigating a double stroller through the throng of people was challenging, but we managed. We hadn't gotten far before we ventured into the huge Toys R' Us complete with Ferris Wheel, Super Heros hanging from the ceiling and a LEGO Statue of Liberty.  

We eventually moved on toward Central Park taking in the scenery along the way. Central Park is beautiful! People were hanging out on the lawn like they were at the beach - reading, picnicking, playing, sunbathing. We stopped at one of several playgrounds to let the kids play a while. Afterwards we made our way across the southern portion of the park past the various musicians and the outdoor roller skating rink and on to 5th Avenue.
From the Top of Rockefeller Center
Then we headed south toward Rockefeller Center to the LEGO store. We ended the day with a trip to the Top of the Rock. A lady sold us her ticket for half the price, which was nice - the kids were free. We took a few snapshops of the Empire State Building in the background. After a busy day, we were too tired and it was too late for dinner so we ended up eating crackers and cheese and fruit upon our return to the apartment.


Kelly was considering going to the NY Comic Con convention, but then he decided to just go to the Intrepid Museum - a converted aircraft carrier from World War II. Our membership to our local museum, the Durham Museum of Life and Sciences, saved us $61 and a long wait in line. On our way back to the subway station, we came across the biggest street fair I have ever seen. We made it back to the subway station in Times Square where we found the elevator out of service. Fortunately, Kelly was with me so we carried the stroller down the stairs. (Elisabeth was sleeping the whole time - the princess in her litter.)  We actually made it home early enough to have some down time.

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