Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Last Bite Out of the Big Apple

Wednesday was our last full day in the city. I was determined to try once again to get to Chinatown. I took the lessons I learned from Monday and decided to utilize the subway as much as possible and again take only the umbrella stroller as I did the day before.  I managed to get us up and out of the apartment earlier and once again set off toward the closest subway terminal which has an elevator. I took the Q-train over the Manhattan Bridge into Manhattan as we have done several times before (the same train we kept hearing from the park the day before) and again stopped at the Canal Street station as I did on Monday. Except this time, I only had to deal with the umbrella stroller. Jonah is quite capable on the stairs. Elisabeth held the rail and walked herself up with me holding her other hand and the stroller in my other arm, still unfolded - no big deal.  And as soon as I popped my head up to street level there were all the lovely street vendors that I had been looking for. "I 'heart' NY" shirts and various other "New York" paraphernalia everywhere - tourist central - woot! I even managed to find a Brooklyn, NY shirt that is now Kelly's.
The fountain in Washington Park
We stopped in a few shops and I found myself out of cash pretty quickly. When I used my Iphone to find the closest ATM it directed me to a nearby McDonald's. Since it was lunch time and Jonah was getting annoying asking for everything he saw, I decided to go ahead and take a break and have some lunch.

Afterwards, we left there and walked north a bit on Broadway. Looking at the map and trying to gauge the kids endurance, as well as my own, I decided to head toward Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park - another check off of my list of things to see.  We made a couple of other stops along the way including a Starbucks for coffee and a bathroom. NYU is right there and I gathered that the feel of Greenwich Village is greatly influenced by the nearby university. Washington Park was undergoing renovation, but we stopped to admire the fountain and watch a street performer before heading to the nearest subway station. The area in general had a similar feel to as the neighborhood around our Brooklyn apartment, but newer.

Street Performer in Washington Park
We then set a course for home. It was only 3:30 or so when we reached our apartment, so the kids played for a good hour or so at the playground. Afterwards, I once again got some take out and we went back to the apartment to begin the task of packing up so we could leave the next day.
Our brownstone in Brooklyn across from Fort Green Park

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