Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pains, Trains, and Automobiles

So, yesterday we made it to the Brooklyn Children's Museum after a brisk 45-minute walk (2.2 miles) pushing 70 lbs of kids in a double stroller.  It was well worth it however.  We had a great time for a few hours.  It was after 4:30 pm when we finally left there.  And after studying a subway map I downloaded on my Iphone and consulting with a young lady running the register in the gift shop I decided to try to take the subway and shave some walking off of my trip home.  I walked about a mile to the closest subway station with an elevator (Franklin/Fulton) and took that to the next station with an elevator (Jay Street/Borough Hall).  Then I had to walk about three quarters of a mile to get back to our apartment.  So I really only shaved about a half mile off of my walk home.  Nevertheless, I felt a sense of accomplishment taking on the subway with the kids and a stroller and at rush hour no less.   On the walk home I did notice another subway station much closer with an elevator, but it was a different line and so wouldn't have helped me today.  When I'm ready to venture into Manhattan though I will use that one.  All together, I think I walked nearly four miles yesterday pushing both kids almost the whole time.  Interestingly, there is street parking at the museum.  So I may just drive the next time we go to that museum.
Speaking of parking, we have to move our car before tomorrow for the street sweeper.  They are sweeping the other side of the street today, so I am planning to just move the car over to that side of the street this afternoon, so we'll be good until next Thursday.  And I will say, having the car so close has been a great advantage as we have an easy place to store the double stroller when not in use.
We're hanging out in our own neighborhood today.  We went to the park across the street again this morning and then walked a couple of blocks to a grocery store where I bought a few things so we don't have to eat out for every meal.  We don't have a microwave in the apartment so I had to figure out the gas stove today in order to heat up left overs.  My first time ever using a gas stove.  Lots of firsts on this trip.
I hope to go out this afternoon with our nice camera and get some good pictures of the neighborhood.  I'll post more about our apartment at some point too.
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