Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Funny Moment

We are in route to NYC as I write this. (Oh the joys of technology!)
To pass the time, I thought I would share a funny story from

I asked Jonah if he would like to go down to the car care area with me
to vacuum the car. Initially, he said, "no." Then I said, "you can
ride in the front.". He jumped at that. Before I knew it both he and
his sister had their shoes on - ready to go. As I was plopping them
down in the front passenger's seat, Jonah asked, "can we roll the
windows down and listen to rock n'roll?" "Sure!" was my response. As
I turned on the car, the radio piped up as well and Jonah says, "I
don't like that music; I like rock n'roll." I hit the scan button and
after a couple of stations, I stopped it on an upbeat Marvin Gaye
song. I figured it was close enough to what he considers "rock
n'roll" and I liked it. As we took our slow little drive through the
apartment complex, I would occasionally catch Jonah beebopping his
shoulders. "Do you like this song Jonah?" "Yep," as he twisted his
shoulders to the beat. I hope we can always agree on good

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Gina said...

That got me "laughing out loud" and it deserved to be spelled out b/c it was worth more than just an "LOL."
That's soooooo cute and funny too b/c I can totally picture it in my mind.