Friday, October 08, 2010

The Plan for Today

Yesterday we kept it simple and stayed in the vicinity of our apartment as planned.  I took the kids to the park again in the afternoon and then came back to the apartment and made the kids macaroni and cheese. The apartment isn't "furnished" with a colander so I strained the macaroni through a coffee filter.
The biggest negative about being here right now Kelly's change in schedule.  He leaves around 8:30 am and get's home at 6:30.  It makes for a long day for me especially if we are in this one room apartment for too long.  This also means our dinner schedule is thrown off.  Kelly and I are eating much later.  He brought home some yummy Turkish food last night - we ate every drop of it too!  The kids helped even though they had already eaten.
Today I'm planning to take the kids to the park for a bit this morning and then come back for an early lunch.  Then I'm going to load up the stroller, make a stop at Target, and then jump on the subway to Prospect park.  I have been using this website called which has been helpful.  I found a post on there about a couple of consignment shops in the Prospect Park area.  Then I am planning to take the kids to the little zoo in Prospect Park and whatever else we find there.  Then hop on the subway back near here and then walk to Kelly's work - God willing.  This is my plan.  We'll see what really happens today......
Our apartment is a brownstone off of this sidewalk
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