Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Markets and Museum

Richard Birkett's Fantasy Clocks
Saturday morning, I went down to the street market outside of our apartment and purchased a few muffins, apples, and a loaf of zucchini nut bread. Who knew there were so many varieties of apples! We consumed some of my finds and got ready to depart. We've been getting out the door later and later; it was nearly lunch time when we finally left this day. We set off for Central Park but had to stop for lunch before we even got on the subway. We took the train to Central Park West aiming for the American Museum of Natural History.  
Between the subway station and the museum, we ran across yet another street market with stands of clothes, purses, jewelry, art and Fantasy Clocks by Richard Birkett. He had some really creative home made clocks. We got his card, as he doesn't have a website, and continued on.  
The American Museum of Natural History was the setting for the movie Night at the Museum. The place is huge and meandering. Even with a map, it is easy to get disoriented and make a wrong turn. The exhibits are extensive and struck me as being particularly artistic. The lighting was remarkable in some of the exhibits. It makes for some great pictures, but feels more fake than other types of displays. It's a taxidermists dreamscape. They did have the most dinosaur skeletons than we have seen anywhere else including the Smithsonian (but it has been nearly 10 years since we were there.) There is so much to see it is overwhelming. We enjoyed it, however and made an effort to see as much as we could before closing time.  
Afterwards we walked down Central Park West and stopped at a restaurant called Sido where we enjoyed really good middle eastern food. 
African Animals Gallary

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