Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Our First Full Day in NYC

Yesterday was our first full day here in Brooklyn, NY, NY.  I tried to keep it simple yesterday and still my feet were aching by the end of the day.  We started the day off by walking around the park that is right across the street, Fort Green Park, and visiting both of its playgrounds.  Then we walked back to our car which is parked in front of our apartment, got the double stroller and then walked a few blocks to a shopping area that has a Target, Chuck E Cheeses, and a train station among other things.  We stopped to eat at the Chuck E Cheese - my first Chuck E Cheese experience - and let the kids play a bit.  Then I had to go to Target to get a few things to stock the apartment (toilet paper, diapers, coffee, etc.)  I pushed the kids back to the apartment, stopping at a fruit stand to make a purchase.  Once back to the car, I unloaded the kids and the groceries out of the stroller, put the stroller in the car, and then reallocated items so that I could carry two bags up to the apartment (3 flights of stairs - normally not a problem but Elisabeth needs help up the stairs) and left some stuff in the car to carry up later.  We rested a bit and then went back to the park and waited on Kelly to walk from his office.  We met up and went to eat at this cool mexican place two blocks away that I spotted on my earlier trip to Target.  There was a subway station right there, so just for kicks we took the subway out to the DUMBO area where Kelly's office is located and walked under the Brooklyn Bridge where we all split some ice cream from the Booklyn Bridge Ice Cream Factory.  Then we walked up the hill to the subway station and took the subway back to the same train station we got on.  (The subway riding was a learning experience - wasn't as simple as it sounds, but I'll save you the details.  Short story different stairs up from each station can put you a very different locations on the surface and if you mistakenly get on the Express train you may miss your stop and have to double back.)  It was almost 10 pm when we made it back the the apartment, but the kids were well worn out and went to sleep quickly.

Today, I'm getting a late start but I'm hoping to make it to the Brooklyn Children's museum.  I haven't decided whether to take the subway or walk.  Supposedly it's a 45 minute on foot and I'm sure that doesn't include pushing a double stroller so I may get brave and try the subway.  We'll see....
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Amy Walker said...

This is so exciting. It makes me giddy...sounds like it's going well!!