Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I've Learned from the Big Apple

Empire State Bldg.
  • New Yorkers are much nicer than people give them credit for
  • In the future, when someone says they are from NYC, I'll understand that that does not necessarily mean Manhattan.
  • Clothes are so much more important in the city: not the style but the functionality. People are more subject to the elements and there is a lot more walking.  So good quality shoes are essential and having the right clothes and accessories for the weather are much more important  (i.e. Rain coats & boots)
  • The subway isn't as strange and mysterious as it seems at first - in fact it's much less stressful and kind of relaxing once you know what to expect.
    • If you are going to Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn with kids - it's easier to take a smaller stroller and not worry about accessible stations ('cause there aren't many)

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